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Re: World Premiere/Advance screening discussions [SPOILERS GUARANTEED]

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My point isn't that there can't be tragedy on Star Trek, but that this type of tragedy is so colossal and close to home, that it will destroy the positive and utopian outlook of the Federation.
No it won't.

Hell, my country is recovering from something that was tragic and awful and quite a shock to us - "this changes everything," everyone here told one another in 2001. What's remarkable, eight years later, is how little Americans have changed and how optimistic we remain.

(Oh, and Earth's optimism seems to have weathered the Xindi attack as well. )
The collapse of two buildings compares to the destruction of a large and ancient civilization how exactly? A comparable disaster (scaled down to earth proportions) would have been the nuclear carpet bombing of an entire state with a large population. I doubt America would be settling any time soon after an attack like that.
Emotionally, it is very similar. A direct strike, out of nowhere, on something fundamental, with a large loss of life.

Don't reduce it to "two buildings". The families don't. I don't. Al-Qaida don't when they celebrate.

Things happen we all have to deal with, and this is just as true in Star Trek as elsewhere.

Americans are NOT settling down from 9/11, but they are getting on with their lives, doing their best to deal with the aftermath.

The Federation is not tied to any one world. It, like America, is founded much more as an idea, an ideal, that has been made real.
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