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Re: World Premiere/Advance screening discussions [SPOILERS GUARANTEED]

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it is a big deal. but isn't how we face tragedy more a test of who we are as a people than how we face good times?
That is naive and totally simplistic. An extreme disaster like that will not let any people, regardless of how advanced they are just continue as if nothing happened. Dispair and grief seem much more likely and I doubt that was the future Roddenberry had in mind. Star Trek was about a future where we live in safty, where there are no WMDs to scare us shitless any more. That was one of the big morale points of the show - humanity having overcome the Cold War and all those types of conflicts not just with themselves but with a larger community of intelligent beings. This movie seems to make a mockery of that vision.
Excuse me, but we had 9/11. We ARE at peace with other beings. VULCUNS !!!! OTHER ALIENS !!!!

The Planet Killer destroyed planets and starships (the Doomsday Machine).

Vejur destroyed countless worlds.

Star Trek is not about us being in a Utopia, it is about us being better, and surviving to that future.

There was conflict with the Romulans and the Klingons.

The antagonists actions have NOTHING TO DO WITH HUMANITY'S SENSIBILITIES !!!!!

Saying this film violates Gene Roddenberry's visoon of HUMANITY (not Romulans) is absolutely incorrect.
I am getting tired of repeating myself so I wont again. Read what I have already written or don't, I don't care. If you cannot see how this might be at odds with the peacful and hopeful future potrayed in Star Trek then that's your prerogative.
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