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If you want (what I think) is the real reason: TPTB probably felt that since the Constitution Class Enterprise was a "hero" ship, there can't be another ship on screen that looked like it, since it could cause some confusion among the audience.
But that's just my two cents worth.
I think that can be partly traced back to Gene Roddenberry, who vetoed the notion of an entirely new class representing the Enterprise in TMP. He seemed to think this would cause the audience to "forget" about the TOS incarnation.
...Which is kind of funny, when you consider almost everything visually was changed from TOS anyway. But I agree. He was the source of the equation where Connie=TOS, and it seemed to stick with the producers of TNG onward.

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Their heavy presence during the Dominion War can be explained as reactivating old vessels that were on reserve, but some other lore explanation is necessary to explain just how they remained viable up through TNG without being supplanted by a more modern class.
You would think that the Nebula class would be the one to supplant the Miranda.
But the Nebulas are much larger and only have registry numbers in the NCC-6xxxx range upward and seem coupled to the Galaxy project, which we know as of the 2360s to be a new thing. It is definitely a descendant, but not a direct successor.

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It is worth noting that many of the Mirandas seen in the DS9 era seemed to have different weapons mounted than from the U.S.S. Reliant in TWOK
And, almost all of those with visible registries had relatively high numbers - circa NCC-31xxx.
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