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Re: Advance screening/World Premiere discussions [the NO-SPOILERS vers

Well, here's how the guy from filmschoolrejects winds up his review (no spoilers):

The overwhelming sentiment that I have about this film is that J.J. Abrams, with the help of a few incredibly talented people, has created a very accessible, fun Star Trek film that is perfect for a new generation of sci-fi fans. Sure, it plays to the fan base a little bit, but its real strength is in the fact that it is delivered with a ton of energy, it presents a story that is easily grasped by fans and newbies alike and is a big, kick-ass ride. My hope is not only that this sort of film will inspire young people to go out and check out some of the older Trek movies and series, but that it also helps usher in a new era of space science fiction filmmaking. With this piece of work, J.J. Abrams has really pushed the envelope with the visual effects and delivered a Star Trek tale that is fresh and vibrant, but he also remembered that it’s important to maintain a commitment to character and story, something that too many filmmakers forget these days. And for that reason alone, I think this film will not only find success, but it also just might find itself as one of the surprise winners of the year. Because when it all comes down to it, the average moviegoer in America just wants to see a movie that is a shitload of fun — and that’s exactly what you’ll get with Star Trek.
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