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Re: A True Reboot Creating A New Trek Universe? - Spoilers!

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"It also kicks off the real split between this universe and the Trek universe we all know. Without any cop-outs, Abrams and his team establish that with this single event everything has changed. In short, it’s the perfect set up for a reboot. It can (and does, with Nimoy’s appearance as Spock Prime, as he’s listed in the credits) respect the originals while being free to do its own thing."

"Everything we have seen still exists, just not in this reality. I think it’s pretty genius, actually, but only if they stick to this universe now. I’d hate to see them go back and forth with the existing Trek reality and this one in further sequels. I like the world (or maybe universe is a better term considering the material) that Abrams and his team has created here. I like the cast he assembled, I like the way this new universe turns some old Trek landmarks on their heads, while keeping true to what’s really important to each character."

This substantiates basically everything a small group of TrekBBS' more level-headed posters (yours truly humbly included) tried to drive home over the last couple of weeks...
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