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Re: Rick Berman on 24!!!

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So there I was watching 24, which already has a bunch of TREK vets on it. The former chief of staff was Captain Maxwell. One of the security dudes is the navigator of the "B" in Generations. The senator was the Federation Presideint in TUC...Tony Todd was recently on...I could go on and on..

But then last night they are discussing who to hire as the new Chief of Staff. The answer? Some dude named RICK BERMAN. Is it just by chance the episode was written by Braga/Coto? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

If Rick Berman becomes the Chief of Staff on 24, someone tell me if he takes a bullet so I can video tape it and watch it over and over.
now now...lets not go that far. However, i'd like to see him mention the fact how his "NEMESIS killed him"....

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