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Re: I liked the Borg more before the Borg Queen and Q before Voyager.

^Not a 1:1 copy, of course, if for no other reason (and there are other reasons) than BSG made a lot of missteps over the years, particularly New Caprica and the ending. Funnily enough, though, ending Voyager with the crew
would have been far less stupid because for the most part they were

At any rate, VOY wanted their TNG cake to eat too, so they couldn't go as far as, dramatically, they needed to with Starfleet/Maquis tensions, for example, as BSG ultimately did with the military and Zarek; they wanted Borg, but they had to be cuddly and defanged; they wanted "peaceful exploration," so we got a few decent eps and a fair number of truly meaningless and also bad one-offs like that one where Tom has sex with a bird.

Regarding their aliens, I have a few nice words about Species 8472 and Hirogen: they were okay.

Here's something kind of weird, we have species like the Talaxians and Kazon and Hirogen and the Voth all those guys who've been spacefaring for some time. Was it ever explained why they either 1)weren't living in mortal terror of the Borg or 2)or actually in mortal combat with the Borg at the time Voyager was thrown into the DQ? I mean, obviously they are on or near the borders of "Borg space," and the Borg are likened to a virus or a cancer, and can't really possess a stable border, being bent on constant exploitation and assimilation. Not to mention no DQ species other than 8472 and possibly the Voth seemed to pose much of a challenge to them. So why weren't the Borg, like, everywhere?

Actually, I do vaguely remember the Kazon (I think) being deemed "unworthy" of assimilation. Well, what about extermination? And Talax for good measure.

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