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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Hiding in your own box and never trying to win is much more disrespectful. Asking people to pay 40 or more to watch their team "defend valiantly" is disrespectful, and is why you see so many empty seats at Premier League games.

I think it's rather arrogant of you, as a supporter of one of the richest and strongest clubs in the league, to make such judgements about the supporters of clubs who are struggling to merely stay in the league with much less money.

Some clubs' fans might enjoy seeing their team go down with flying colours, but others are probably looking for something different - namely results. And in my opinion it's just as legitimate - maybe even moreso for "inferior" clubs - to play defensive, destructive tactics in matches where they just can't compete with the opposing team on a technical level, like Arsenal. It is smart tactics to adapt your game to the way your opponent plays.

That's probably frustrating to watch sometimes, but who are you to tell other clubs they should play harakiri just because you're pissed off that Arsenal can't play their usual game against these teams?
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