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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Hiding in your own box and never trying to win is much more disrespectful. Asking people to pay 40 or more to watch their team "defend valiantly" is disrespectful, and is why you see so many empty seats at Premier League games.
Yet West Brom fans are asked to pay 40 to watch their team capitulate meekly every week. Ultimately Hull and Stoke look likely to survive, so I doubt their fans will care much how they achieved it. Wimbledon long-balled their way to the FA Cup, and Bolton were top six finishers in more recent years.

It's funny you should mention "day one", because on day one West Brom came to us and gave us a good game. We only won 1-0 and they had plenty of chances to equalise.
That's why I said, "okay, day two".

How Blackburn, Hull and Stoke have played against us however crosses a line. There is a line between tough tackles and blatant thuggery. We lost three players in our away game against Stoke - and then there's El Hadji Diouf's "tackle" on Almunia.

If they're not fouling they're finding other ways to cheat. Stoke's throw-ins that the referee inexplicably allows them to take minutes to set up and eventually take. Hull's time wasting (and then the blatant lies, false accusations and outright slander that comes when you question it) and Blackburn's diving around like idiots - yes, I'm talking about you, Mr. Pedersen.
I agree, blatant cheating and fouling should be punished. Referees are inconsistent, and they allow a lot of this to go on. The infamous "Delap throw" is a very successful tactic for Stoke, it seems to be allowed, so why shouldn't they use it? If it's illegal, referees need to stop it.

I'm very wary when it comes to rules dictating how teams should be allowed to play football. This thing Wenger's come out with about rewarding goal difference with more points is a case in point. For these teams, survival is the most important thing. Mowbray decided it wasn't, and West Brom are likely to remain the eternal yo-yo club.

I'm not going to complain when teams don't play into our hands. We dropped four points against Stoke because we couldn't get past them. They didn't do anything untoward, we weren't good enough, and those two points they might not have expected to get against Liverpool could prove crucial. It's the same with Hull - we're still to play them at the KC, but we could only draw at Anfield. West Brom on the other hand, came to Anfield with a high defence, no strength in midfield, and were comfortably trashed. Robbie Keane of all people scored two.
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