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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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You're only saying that because they play kamikaze football. Wenger's been moaning for years about physical teams not playing fair and letting his teams play them off the park, but the fact is that he still hasn't got a clue how to handle Hull or Stoke. It's no surprise to see him complimenting Mowbray all the time. I don't like the Bolton-style teams either, but you have to learn to deal with them in football.

In a way, I have less respect for Mowbray than for the likes of Allardyce, Brown, Megson and Pulis. If you don't have the skill, you haven't got a chance in the premier league playing the way West Brom do. It was obvious from day one (okay, day two) that Mowbray's "principles" were going to get them relegated, and I felt that was disrespectful to the fans. At least make an effort at giving the team a bit of bite and strength. They are lightweight throughout the team, which means they get rolled over every week because they are outplayed by the better sides, and outfought by the dross.
Hiding in your own box and never trying to win is much more disrespectful. Asking people to pay 40 or more to watch their team "defend valiantly" is disrespectful, and is why you see so many empty seats at Premier League games.

It's funny you should mention "day one", because on day one West Brom came to us and gave us a good game. We only won 1-0 and they had plenty of chances to equalise.

I don't mind seeing teams playing a tough and physically game. Even Arsenal do that sometimes - Adebayor, Bendtner, Diaby and co aren't afraid to get stuck in - even Walcott's putting in tackles these days. How Blackburn, Hull and Stoke have played against us however crosses a line. There is a line between tough tackles and blatant thuggery. We lost three players in our away game against Stoke - and then there's El Hadji Diouf's "tackle" on Almunia.

If they're not fouling they're finding other ways to cheat. Stoke's throw-ins that the referee inexplicably allows them to take minutes to set up and eventually take. Hull's time wasting (and then the blatant lies, false accusations and outright slander that comes when you question it) and Blackburn's diving around like idiots - yes, I'm talking about you, Mr. Pedersen.

It's not just those three, I sat and watched Newcastle's Steven Taylor throwing his elbow at Andrei Arshavin and get away with it. We did get a bit of karma out of that, though - he got injured trying another one of his hacked challenges and had to leave the pitch. We exploited the gap and scored.
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