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Re: Excelsior Technical Manual - Revived!

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You'r probably right. At first, I very much downplayed their mention, but their introduction seemed to affect the mission roles that the Excelsior class was later sent on - stealing away some of the more prime exploratory and diplomatic missions. So I felt it was worth a mention.
Don't get me wrong, I very much agree with documenting how the Ambassador affected the Excelsior class. I'm just not sure I'd go much more into the Ambassador history past that. Certainly not how the Galaxy affected the Ambassador. (Gotta save something for the next book!) But did the Galaxy affect the Excelsior class? - they are contemporaries. Heck, the Exies share space with the Sovereigns! But I notice you're not done yet either.
Heh, leave the people wanting more? We're on the same page then.

My notion for thinking the Excelsior was affected by the introduction of the Galaxy was Captain DeSoto of the Hood's line in one episode (I'm not sure which one) in which he says something like 'you Galaxy class guys get to go out and explore while I'm stuck hauling between starbases.' So I inferred (partly also based on the TNG TM) that a lot of the exploratory duties got handed over to, among others, the Galaxy class.

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Is that launch date correct for the Ambassador class? I have seen 2332 mentioned elsewhere.
I have to check my notes to see where I got it from. I think the TNG TM. I have seen 2332 listed for the launch of the Enterprise-C.

I'll give kitsune one last chance to interject any editorial comments before I post the next chapter.
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