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Re: Cardassian regional clothing--the ruviyal of Nevot

Thanks!! It's very good to know you think someone could function while wearing this. In "The Exile," anyway, Ensign Mendral wears these sorts of outfits when he's off-duty, and even to sleep in (though the ruviyal isn't actually sleepwear in Nevot)...just in case he gets called to the bridge in the middle of the night. After all, it would sure be embarrassing to show up in boxers, or even cartoon-print PJs!

Broca's not even cool enough to let his hair down like Ensign Mendral is.

I'm not sure if the colors mean anything or not--I don't know quite enough about regional history yet to know if these mean something in Nevotda tradition or if it's simply a matter of fashion and personal taste.

(The Oralians, BTW, apparently went for pastels--or at least their clerics did. I just wish James Swallow had said what color pastels they wore! Personally...I imagine the Cardassian society in Ensign Mendral's universe as being pretty free in what people wore, as long as it stayed within bounds of decency.)
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