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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Resolutions (**)

Before we start let me just say that I'm not a J/C shipper. I was an Odo/Kira shipper, a Josh/Donna shipper and a very big Daphne/Niles shipper, but I was never a J/C shipper. This episode is not my holy grail.

The episode moves too fast. There is at least a month's worth of time that goes by in this episode, and that is something which should have been able to fill a whole arc. Why not do a few episodes with Janeway and Chakotay on the planet while Tuvok is in command? As it is the story feels far too rushed and the narrative gaps are too big.

The whole plot is contrived, the idea that they can survive on the planet without any symptoms but not on the ship doesn't make much sense. I'm sure they could replicate the environmental conditions of the planet on the ship somehow; in the last episode they managed to make two people from one, so don't tell me their technology isn't advanced enough. You just have to accept this plot contrivance and move on.

The plot on Voyager should have been so much better. When I realised the set-up I figured this would be an excellent opportunity to show some dissent amongst the crew now that the two main leaders are gone, but instead we just got a standard "Vulcan as captain being too logical for emotional crew" storyline. The Galileo Seven, The Gamesters of Triskelion, That Which Survives... TOS covered this concept 30 years ago. TNG even did a few of these episodes with Data, nothing new or interesting was brought to the table. I liked the fact that Kim finally got to do something, but that wasn't enough to save this story. And Tuvok changed his mind far too easily after Kes talked to him.

What works in this episode is the J/C stuff on the planet. Both of their characters come to life in new and interesting ways once the pressures of command are taken off their shoulders, and I really liked Chakotay in this episode. What I didn't like was the monkey, it was a metaphor for something but I'm damned if I know what and it just came across as silly.

What bothers me is the ambiguity of the ending. Some might say that it was supposed to be that way so that we could use our imagination to fill in the missing scene, but I think it was a cowardly attempt to shy away from any consequences. They could have kissed, they could have cuddled, they could have had the most passionate night the Delta Quadrant has ever seen! Or they could have made some soup in the bathtub to eat over the next few weeks. We'll never know.

This reminds me an awful lot of the BSG episode Unfinished Business, that episode showed Roslin and Adama getting high on New Caprica and snuggling up out in the wilderness, but we are never told if they did anything more. (Unless that was on the extended cut which they didn't put on the R2 DVDs. ) The difference is that that scene is where Roslin first starts talking about building a cabin, and this has an emotional resonance throughout the rest of the series, ending with an absolutely beautiful shot in the finale. I don't remember Resolutions having much weight later in the series.

The scenes on the planet are good, the scenes on Voyager are not, they copped out in the ending and the whole thing was a little rushed.
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