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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Personally, I just base who I want to see go down on how they behaved against us in our games against them.
When you put it like that, they can all go down as far as I care. Except Portsmouth - after the way 'Arry fucked them off to join Spurs, leaving them their fate under the renowned intellectual heavyweight Tony Adams, they deserve to stay up.

West Brom - Played good attacking football against us in both games and gave us a run for our money. Barely any bookings either. This may be unrealistic, but I hope they stay up or, at least, they don't sack Tony Mobray if they go down.
You're only saying that because they play kamikaze football. Wenger's been moaning for years about physical teams not playing fair and letting his teams play them off the park, but the fact is that he still hasn't got a clue how to handle Hull or Stoke. It's no surprise to see him complimenting Mowbray all the time. I don't like the Bolton-style teams either, but you have to learn to deal with them in football.

In a way, I have less respect for Mowbray than for the likes of Allardyce, Brown, Megson and Pulis. If you don't have the skill, you haven't got a chance in the premier league playing the way West Brom do. It was obvious from day one (okay, day two) that Mowbray's "principles" were going to get them relegated, and I felt that was disrespectful to the fans. At least make an effort at giving the team a bit of bite and strength. They are lightweight throughout the team, which means they get rolled over every week because they are outplayed by the better sides, and outfought by the dross.

Middlesbrough - I know Gareth Southgate used to be a center half but seriously, come out of your box occasionally Boro!
It's perhaps more shocking that they can't even defend their box anymore. They started the season as a decent, but unlucky team. They were obviously lacking goals, but were still well set-up, and had a good defence. Now they are just abysmal, and Southgate's shown no signs of turning it around.

Sunderland - I'm not sure how much longer the team of Championship players Roy Keane has strung together and Ricky Spragia has inherited can hold out.
It's incredible what Keane did to that club. The sheer number of signings he made who were utterly incapable of making an impact was staggering. I can't believe Quinn gave him so much support, given that he outspent most other clubs, but still left them relegation candidates. No wonder he's now taking a long, hard look at himself away from football.

Roger Wilco wrote: View Post

here's a working link

but the 5:1 is funny only as long as you don't realise that Wolfsburg could actually win this championship...
Just how awesome is the Bundesliga? We're all excited because Liverpool are essentially four points behind Manchester United, which means we have a "title race". There are five or six teams that can still claim the crown in Germany.
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