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Re: Excelsior Technical Manual - Revived!

Interesting bit on the Ambassador. I like that you hint the name itself was intended to downplay the military aspects in the hopes that the Klingons wouldn't see the reality - that Starfleet was building a new line of massive battleships.

You say Enterprise-C was a "sub-type", presumably explaining the physical differences between the 'Yesterday's Enterprise' model and the revamped 'Data's Day' version. Everyone else seems to go with Enterprise-C being the original type, and the later model being the refitted ships. Unless I'm misreading that bit.

On the "other ships" plea, how about some vessels not named after American/British naval ships, something of which Trek writers have always been guilty. I know why they do it, but Starfleet has always been too dominated by Earth, and particularly north Atlantic culture to be a realistic multi-world force. Even the all-Vulcan ship was called USS Intrepid!

Ed - though I've just remembered the Vucan ship in DS9's baseball episode with a suitably Vulcan name. Full marks there.

Star Trek IV novelization wrote:
A suited-up space tech put the finishing touches on the "A," turned, saw the shuttlecraft, waved jauntily, and powered away on travel jets.
That's awesome on so many levels.

Firstly, "space tech" needs to be used more often with regards to Star Trek engineers - how about it, Praetor?

Secondly, I don't think I've ever seen anything Trek-related being described as "jaunty".

Thirdly, "travel jets". Like "space tech", it's straight out of the fifties. I think I've got this book in a box somewhere, along with the frankly mind-bogglingly strange TMP novelisation, and on this evidence, it's worth fishing it out.
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