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Re: Excelsior Technical Manual - Revived!

Nice touch with the Alaska. Any justification in your mind as to why Starfleet christened an Ambassador class ship as the new Enterprise instead of another Excelsior, even if by then both would be far from brand-new designs? They must have been building new Excelsiors around the 2330s anyway.

There's another point to consider in Excelsior construction that may be noteworthy - we know that they seemed to be built in batches with NCC numbers close together. We know some ships were in the NCC-14xxx range, and a bunch in the NCC-42xxx range with the rest generally scattered below that. It might be worthwhile to point out other ships with distinguished or long-lived service records, for example the other early Excelsior-class ship we know - USS Repulse NCC-2544.

That is if you subscribe to the loosely chronological numbering of ships by NCC, of course.

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