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Re: Star Trek: Online developer chat

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In a game of this genre, mods probably won't be possible. The developers have to get this one right.
Well, I agree with you that the developers have to have a solid product with STO from the release date. It has to stand on its own, and stand well. But, user-created content will be very important to the longer term survival of STO. A developer can only put out so much campaign material.
I thought STO was a MMO monthly subscription game, i am sure those type of games don't allow users created content, only the game devs can add to these type of games.
Agreed, STO wont feature user-created content beyond the usual guild stuff.
Although once the ability to walk around your own/other peoples ships gets added, i can see this game being used by simming communities, if only to create custom crew pictures etc.
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