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And when was it that you last broke a DVD?

I've never broken a DVD. I last broke a 5" optical disc in the 1980s when I threw a CD against a wall, demonstrating how impervious it was to damage. Wrong!

Put a disc away in the case after you are done watching it and this should never be an issue.
You should try working with the horrible Digistak cases the R2 TNG/DS9 discs used to come on before Paramount changed them. To put discs on them you'd have to put a scary amount of pressure on the hub then push the disc onto it and hope it didn't get stuck (which would either eventually end up causing cracks either by the pressure that had to be put on the disc to get it to sit on the hub properly, or through the strain put on the disc by the hub getting stuck and having to get the disc back off and trying again), snap the disc on (probably instantly cracking the disc, though you'd have to be an idiot to try this) or sand down the hub so it's not so tight.

I ended up getting small cracks on some of my discs simply keeping them in storage because the hubs were too tight, and repeatedly loading/unloading them will almost certain cause cracks no matter how careful you are. I've even heard of people getting brand new sealed sets with cracked discs from the factory and having to buy multiple sets to get a full set with no cracks. I ended up sanding all of mine down because I don't really want to transfer them all into Amarays and have to print out a cover for every case to identify it, but thankfully they started using better hubs after enough people complained, and the slimline sets come in proper cases with good hubs.. but not before thousands of people wrecked their discs. I believe Paramount are willing to replace them, but I personally just backed them up before the cracks expanded and play those instead.

I don't see how it's possible to crack discs in good hubs unless you're just careless/stupid though. Scratches on the other hand, you've got to be pretty careless to get a scratch bad enough that it has an impact on playback.
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