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Re: New Freddy Krueger played by Jackie Earle Haley

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The Nightmare on Elm Street series always suffered from a lack of coherent artistic vision, right from the beginning. The original movie's shock ending is the beginning of this trend, with the studio throwing away Wes Craven's original vision in favor of a cheap thrill. The rest of the franchise was built on the shoulders this little mistake, and with no one at the helm the result was haphazard and occasionally horrible. The original ending was a hopeful one, but all hope in the series had steadily been replaced by needless brutality and bad cliches.
I don't know. I despise movies/shows that end with the IT WAS ALL A DREAM cliche. While the new ending wasn't much better the original ending would have been much more unsatisfying.

I hope they will be able to get Wes Craven to write the reboot. It's very obvious that the first, third and seventh movies are the best and they all had him as the writer.
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