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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Tuvix (*)

Here is another controversial episode, it has perhaps caused some of the most contentious debates in all of Star Trek, and yet I cannot recommend it. It isn't because I disagree with Janeway's decision to kill Tuvix, it is because the episode itself is muddled and the ethical dilemma is rushed. I also hated Tuvix, and since he takes up most of the screen time it greatly detracted from my enjoyment of the episode.

Tuvok and Neelix tend to annoy me for the most part, except when episodes focus upon them in which case they are okay, but when they are only in one or two scenes their character's usually grate my nerves. Tuvix is comprised of only the things I hate about Neelix and Tuvok and none of the things I like. It also doesn't help that Tuvix talks in a creepy voice and reminds me even more of a paedophile than Neelix does.

The narrative feels disjointed, the first few acts are about the crew growing accustomed to Tuvix and the final act is about the ethical issue. There wasn't enough time to explore the issue at stake because of all the time frittered away introducing me to an annoying character who isn't going to be around come next week. Even the performances felt slightly off, this episode focused mainly on Tuvix, Kes and Janeway, and Jennifer Lien and Kate Mulgrew just didn't work for me quite as well as they usually would. I can't explain it, it just didn't feel right.

I can't agree with Janeway's decision to kill Tuvix, the episode didn't give me enough information to make a decision. I don't understand why Janeway came to that conclusion, and without understanding why she came across as completely callous in the final scene. I hated Tuvix, but I need more of a reason to kill him than that. And what is completely unforgivable is the fact that we never got Neelix or Tuvok's impression of events at the end of the episode. How can the writers just ignore such an important thing?

The episode asks some interesting questions, but it wasn't up to the high standard it needed to reach in order to explore this issue properly.
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