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Re: S'chn-T' Gaii Spock?

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So it could certainly be possible for Spock to be the given name of Mr. Spock, and for him to have both an unpronounceable family name preceding his given name and a patronymic (translated as "child of Sarek") following it. And it could be Vulcan practice to use the given name most of the time, the patronymic in formal address, and the family name only infrequently, perhaps mainly just in record-keeping. Maybe the family names are extremely long, hence the pronunciation difficulty.
Sounds reasonable and interesting. But why then didn't Spock say in "This Side Of Paradise" that she already knew his first name, so to speak? I think it's more likely the line was just a way to show Spock being aloof again, without thinking about the Vulcan naming scheme to much.
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