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World Premiere/Advance screening discussions [SPOILERS GUARANTEED]

As has been reported in TrekToday, at, in The Australian and no doubt a few other wheres besides, the World Premiere in Sydney, Australia on April 7 will kick off a number of screenings of the new Star Trek movie, taking place at various locations around the world, all before the movie hits the theaters where us regular folks will get to see it.

There have been a lucky few who have managed to gain access to the Sydney premiere or to one of the other showings. This thread is provided as a place for them to discuss what they've seen, and for anyone else not so spoiler-shy as to be interested in hearing their impressions of the movie.

I'd ask that all such discussion be kept within this thread, so as not to spoil it for those who have to wait and want to be surprised. I've put a spoiler warning in the thread title, but any really big revelations may also be placed within spoiler tags in the thread, for the protection of those who haven't seen the movie yet but couldn't resist peeking in (I know there are a few of you out there.)

This thread is now locked, but will be opened in time for the Sydney premiere. (Any Aussies wishing to give me a heads-up as showtime approaches are welcome to help me make sure I've done the time conversion correctly -- I don't want to be too early or too late.)
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