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Re: New Freddy Krueger played by Jackie Earle Haley

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He is a pretty good choice. There have been rumors for a while that he was being sought for it.

Another rumor--I don't know if it's a spoiler, so I'll code it:

Wow. That's pretty lame.

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Piper wrote: View Post
As good a choice for casting as could be, but for me Freddy will ALWAYS be Mr Englund.
We used to say Kirk would always be Shatner.
Sorry, but Englund is Freddy. He made the character what it is. I'd say the same about Shatner's Kirk, too.

Spaceman Spiff wrote: View Post
^ Here's more info on that.

It makes a little more sense, now.

Still very lame. They're basically watering the character down, probably cause they're scared of being accused of glorifying child killers. Funny, people have cheered Freddy along for over 20 years, and nobody kicked up a fuss. I just don't see the point of rewriting the character's whole motivation. Once you do that, it ain't the same character anymore.
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