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Re: A few PS3 questions

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I don't know where you're getting that. Sony has been very good about addressing PS3 owner's needs with their updates.

I'm guessing that you don't own a PS3 because it always seems like the people who take a dump on it are the people who don't own one.
I have a PS3. It's my main gaming system and I also use it for playing all of my media, DVDs and Blu-Rays because it does such a good job. I buy all my cross platform titles for it instead of my Xbox 360 or my fairly decent gaming PC. Don't make assumptions, as clint g says.

My issue with Sony is that they keep adding new features with every firmware update while ignoring the two that people actually want - cross-game invites and voice chat. The Xbox 360 has a considerable advantage when it comes to multiplayer because a player can just A) chat to a friend or friends while they're all playing different games and B) send easy invitations to join each other's games directly.

I have other features I would like to see, such as vastly improved privacy options. I would like to be able to hide my games list and trophies and hide my online status. These are features Xbox Live has and PSN lacks. I can appreciate the fact that Xbox Live is a paid service and PSN is not, and that's fair, but I value these features more than some of the ones we've seen lately.

My overall impression of the PS3 has been extremely positive, I prefer the controllers, the PSN Store is much easier and faster to use than the Xbox Live Marketplace, the machine is quieter and more reliable, I enjoy being able to use whatever Bluetooth headset I like with it etc.
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