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Re: A few PS3 questions

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One other thing I forgot to mention: Sony releases firmware updates pretty much every month or so that often add features or make other improvements.
Just not the ones people want.
I don't know where you're getting that. Sony has been very good about addressing PS3 owner's needs with their updates.
Now the only need they need to address is their games

I kid, I kid....sort of

I'm guessing that you don't own a PS3 because it always seems like the people who take a dump on it are the people who don't own one.
I may be wrong, but from what I recall Hermoid is one of the biggest PS3 supporters on the board. Just because someone has issues with a system doesn't mean they're resorting to fanboyism. I own a PS3 and as a consumer I have several gripes with the product. Be careful with your assumptions.
It's nothing personal, just business
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