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Re: “I’ll let you get a few more so this will be a fair fight” [SPOILE

it reminds me of kirk from several episodes..
errand of mercy..
KLINGON 2: Next time, keep your eyes open, or I'll shut them permanently.
SPOCK: Captain, I strongly suggest we direct our energies toward the immediate problem. Accomplishing our mission here.
KIRK: You didn't really think I was going to beat his head in, did you?
SPOCK: I thought you might.
KIRK: You're right. But as you say, we still have a job to do.

KIRK: We did it to show you that you can fight back. You don't have to be sheep, you can be wolves.

KIRK: It's a very large universe, Commander, full of people who don't like the Klingons.
KOR: Excellent. Then it shall be a matter of testing each other's wills. Of power. Survival must be earned, Captain. Tell me about the dispersal of your Starfleet.
. KIRK: Go climb a tree
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