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Re: Excelsior Technical Manual - Revived!

Okay, after some further consideration into the Sulu matter, I made a few revisions to the last paragraph of Chapter Six. I tried to keep it relatively ambiguous, but I might be persuaded to make things more overt.

See what you think:
Although the appointment of most of her senior staff was a rather straightforward matter, especially careful thought was put into the selection of Excelsior's new commanding officer. Excelsior was going to be at the forefront of executing Starfleet policy, so her Captain not only needed to be a skilled leader, but also a skilled diplomat. A number of prominent Starfleet Captains and Commanders shied away from the assignment for fear it would break their careers as it had that of Captain Styles. Starfleet soon found their perfect candidate in the form of Commander Hikaru Sulu. A veteran of Starfleet, Sulu had been Starfleet's preferred candidate to take command of Excelsior prior to his involvement in the Genesis incident and the subsequent (and largely political) appointment of Styles. Sulu was currently serving as helmsman aboard the Enterprise-A, and had long followed the Excelsior and Transwarp Development Projects with enthusiasm. When offered command of Excelsior, Sulu eagerly accepted and was granted a promotion to Captain. He also requested Lieutenant Commander Janice Rand, a friend and former Enterprise colleague, be transferred to Excelsior. She joined the bridge crew as communications officer. The Enterprise returned Sulu to Earth in early 2290, also seeing Excelsior off as she departed for her first mission. Time would tell whether Excelsior would ultimately prove worth the work and faith put in her.
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