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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - Dark Realm

I like that you are taking the time to build up to the away mission with these little scenes. Some view such as distractions to the big action or adventure of the story, but I think they help us to empathise with the characters much more. For this reason, and as CeJay stated too, your lower deck characters [expansion of them] are quite likeable.
I'm glad that you like them. I figured the expansions were necessary before throwing them into the action/adventure segments. You want action, you want adventure, the next segment's gonna have a BIG dose of it.

I like the dialogue between the characters, but I would like some more scenery setting mixed in with the dialogue. Little actions for example, that the characters carry out when saying a line or afterwards.
I'll try to do that a little more often and I'm pleased you've taken an interest in my work.
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