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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hello. I've just joined this forum. TNG was the first Star Trek I got into and I also love Voyager.

TNG got better and better I think, I love the final series with episodes such as phantasms best - I think the writing was fantastic, real suspense, and by then the characters had had a chance to develop. Voyager on the other hand had huge potential, to be honest it's probably my favourite, but I feel a bit let down by the way the most of the characters seemed to stagnate a bit and later episodes aren't as good - it didn't help that I'm not fond of Seven. I wasn't as keen on DS9 as the whole 'stuck on a space station' thing didn't interest me as much, but I think it was well written and got better as it went on. I loved Sisko and was a huge fan of the Kira/Odo relationship.

My favourite TNG Characters - hmmmmm. Definitely Picard, he's great. Not so sure about either of the women, the Doc was a bit soppy I thought and I really didn't like the Counsellor at all. Data is fab, a mixture of humourous with serious debate about what makes a person a person, iyswim, loved him to bits. Worf was good and I liked him even better when he got to DS9. Geordi was well developed you could watch him growing up in a way - I loved seeing him a captain in an episode of Voyager.

I'm not really all that keen on the stuff set after the series, I read Before Dishonour because of the Janeway thing but I prefer leaving the crew of the Enterprise from the tv series together in my head. Similarly the first three films were ok but as for killing Data in Nemesis ... don't get me started! he'd only just begun to embrace his humanity. Pah

Now all I need is more hours in a week and I'll have time to try Enterprise and TOS
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