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Re: Klingon 'Hamlet' Filming

We thought Chang looked great, too. Not what our makeup person did, though. He did use silicon rather than the latex that was used early in TNG stuff (and what is most commonly used by fans). We hope you'll like the final result.

Hi, my name is Christopher O. Kidder. I am the artistic director of Commedia Beauregard, a professional theatre company that does nothing by translated works... normally works translated from other languages into English. Three years ago we got the idea to do a fundraiser that translated into a different language. We chose Klingon for the novelty, the marketing potential, and the fact that it would be a fun adventure. We wrote a stage version of Dicken's Christmas Carol, and then translated it into the Klingon language. We'll be performing it for the third season come X-mas Time again this year.

Our little project was discovered by Paramount, and they hired us to do this Hamlet thing. We hired some of the best stage actors in our area (The Twin Cities is one of the largest theatre markets in the US), and put the scenes together.

That being said, we are all professional actors, directors and playwrights. We aren't the lunatic fringe from fandom. That being said, we tailored our products to be respectful of all fans. The costumed fans are an important part of the Star Trek franchise, and it doesn't behoove any of the other fans to look down on them. I'm going out on a limb and assuming that since you are on this board at all, you all are fans of Star Trek to a higher degree than the average person... so...

I believe that you'll find the feature "Klingons & Shakespeare" a cool little documentary. It gave us the chance to work directly with Marc Okrand, the guy who developed the Klingon language (as well as Vulcan). It also gave us a chance to get our theatre company some recognition on the national and international scale. And we had fun doing it.

And it is a documentary that far exceeds the quality of a YouTube video. We're going to be looking forward to seeing the final product on May 12th. I hope you will join us in viewing it.

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