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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - Dark Realm

Also you might want to have another look at the beginning of the mess hall segement when Tal reveals her feelings for Henry. They appear to be repeating themselves several times. Unless this is on purpose.
That was Tal beating around the bush, semi-on purpose.

I thought Henry and Tal's conversation about dog breeding was interesting, if not a little bit to detailed. With a segment like that you always risk that people who don't particular care about the subject will zone out or skip it entirely.
Well, yes, I'm aware of the risk, but I figured since the topic was about the Bull and Terrier breeds (i.e. Pits) this was something along the lines of a controvertial topic of our century viewed through the lens of a topic that may not be as controvertial in the 24th Century (at least my version thereof).

A lot of flirtations and realtionship issues going on here. Not a bad thing at all especially because your lower decks crewmembers are quite the likeable bunch.
I'm quite flattered you think my lower decks crewmembers are so likeable. I'm glad that my writing had its intended effects.
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