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Re: A few PS3 questions

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are you talking about DDR? I havent heard anything about a DDR game being released on the Ps3 yet. As a blu-ray player the PS3 is pretty good, though i hear it lacks in the audio department. I dont have a high speed sound system so it doesnt make a big difference to me but if you do have one, you might want to look into that
The issue is DTS-HD bitstream and if you have a receiver that can do it it's not really an issue and also the PS3 now does decode it.

Only the most obsessed audiophiles truly give a shit about this and it can be solved with contemporary receiver anyway.

Even my basic 5.1 surround sytem that's like seven years old sounds phenomenal with this.

There is absolutely no question about it, the PS3 is still the best BD player on the market and it has one of the best (if not the best) upconverters for you regular DVD's.
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