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Re: Excelsior Technical Manual - Revived!

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Anyone have the STIV novelization, and if Sulu's "I'm counting on Excelsior" line had any written connotation? I can't remember.
I'll have to dig it up, but there is reference in that scene to how Sulu would feel serving under Kirk on Sulu's own ship. (Right before McIntyre calls the Enterprise a Constellation class.)

She also has some scenes with Kirk and Sulu during the trial where Sulu berates Kirk for trying to take all of the blame. Kirk thinks he's protecting the gang, Sulu thinks he's making them look like idiot minions.

Good book. Not as good as TWOK and not even in the same league as TSFS.

I know I said I wondered if McIntyre just got lucky with Sulu commanding Excelsior in TWOK, but I also wonder if the creative team of TUC take Sulu getting the Ex from her books? (Did that make sense?)

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