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Re: Excelsior Technical Manual - Revived!

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Anyone have the STIV novelization, and if Sulu's "I'm counting on Excelsior" line had any written connotation? I can't remember.
Apparently the crew didn't know which ship they were going to be assigned to until they saw the new Enterprise:

Star Trek IV novelization wrote:
Jim remained silent, but he tightened his hand around the envelope of thick, textured paper that he carried. The envelope held written orders, not a computer memory chip, and by that alone Jim knew that the orders were something very special. But he was forbidden to break the holographic epoxy of the Starfleet seal until he had accepted his new command and taken it beyond the solar system.
He turned the envelope over and over, then pulled his attention back to the conversation.
"--I'm counting on Excelsior," Sulu was saying to McCoy.
"Excelsior!" Scott exclaimed. "Why in God's name would you want that bucket of bolts?"
Before Sulu could retort and the two men could embark on one of their interminable arguments about the merits of Excelsior, Jim cut in.
"Scotty, don't be judgemental. A ship is a ship." At the same time he had to wonder how Sulu would handle being subordinate to James Kirk on a ship that should have been Sulu's own.
It appeared that they were indeed heading for Excelsior. The massive ship filled the wide shuttlecraft windows. Scott watched it apprehensively.
"Whatever you say, sir," he said, resigned. Under his breath he added, "Thy will be done."
To Jim's surprise the shuttlecraft sped past Excelsior.
Jim blinked. In the next slip, a constellation [sic]-class starship echoed the lines of his own Enterprise. And this time the shuttlecraft did not duck around it. On the saucer section of the ship, Jim made out the name and the registration number.
U.S.S. Enterprise. NCC 1701-A.
A suited-up space tech put the finishing touches on the "A," turned, saw the shuttlecraft, waved jauntily, and powered away on travel jets.
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