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“I’ll let you get a few more so this will be a fair fight” [SPOILERS!]


I thought this was a sweet line from Kirk (Pine) and really seemed like something he would say in the context of the scene
"The Trek stuff was for Chris Pine who was accepting the Star of Tomorrow award and was, of course, a Kirk-centric scene, him picking up Uhura at a bar. He asks what she’s studying and she tells him, not thinking he’ll know what exactly it is. He surprises her, saying her study focuses on alien language and culture. She’s impressed, but still sly.

Pine plays Kirk as cocky and a bit drunk. A big dude comes up to Uhura and asks if she’s being bothered by this guy and she says very much so, but she can handle him. Kirk gets into the meathead’s face… like I said, cocky. The big guy’s friends come up and he says something like, “What’re you going to do? There are four of us.” And Kirk responds with a “I’ll let you get a few more so this will be a fair fight” and gets a punch in the mouth for it. He smiles as he grabs his bleeding chin and then fights back, taking the big dude out.

Pine was pretty good, I thought. He was certainly not imitating Shatner, but had the charm. I’m interested to see what exactly he brings to the full picture."
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