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A TREK XI Sombrero Rage/Trend: Dammit, WE can start it if we TRY!!!

With all the joking and discussions of wearing full-sized or even miniature finger-sized sombreros to TREK XI this summer and the great opportunities our online craze has for spreading and starting a goofy trend...why don't we get one started? I say if your local cineplex allows hats within a certain size restriction and/or you can get away with little miniature sombreros you can stick on your fingertips and wave in the air in a comic fashion, DO SO!!!! We can't let Sombrero Sheik just fade and die, people! We have the power to make it get the attention of the news media!!! Sombreros can be associated with TREK in the same way conventions, geekdom and even prolonged sexual virginity are...only this time in a far more positive and funny light a lot of people can enjoy and even join in on!

So...whaddya say?

Do we make May 8, 2009 Viva La Sombrero Revolucion Day in the Trekker community? Or does it slip through our fingers like the crystallized remains of an Omega IV bacteriological warfare victim? IT'S UP TO US.

Be men and women. Don the hats. Make a stand. Change the world.
We lived through another's a good excuse to celebrate.

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