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Re: A few PS3 questions

The PS3 is still the measuring stick that all of the Blu-Ray players are compared to. I believe it is still the fastest player available in terms of loading.

I don't know whether the person is talking about with respect to audio. As far as I am aware, the PS3 decodes all audio types and does it well. The only possible problem is if for some reason you want to have both HDMI and optical audio going at the same time, which is not easily possible although I have heard of people working around that limitation.

Another thing to consider is that the PS3 can stream videos from your computer over your network. There is a free program called PS3 media server as well as other options like Tversity.

One possible bugaboo is that you cannot use a universal remote with the PS3 unless you purchase a separate add-on product to convert infrared signals to a format that the PS3 can use.

I say all this as a person that pretty much never uses the PS3 for gaming.
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