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I think TNG's effects are perfectly fine as they are. Yes, they're not the CGI 'masterpieces' of today, but they're still high-quality work - I think a lot of what they did with pratical models matches what we do with the CGI ones.
Exactly. I think films are relying on CGI way to much nowadays. CGI is good for say, Disney films or any other kind of anime films, but I wish they would use more "real" effects like they used to back in the day instead of using CGI. With CGI, a lot of times you can tell the scene or object is fake. With some real effects, at least in modern times, some things look more real in a movie when it is a prop or some other type of special effects.
Yeah, CGI is definitely overused. I hate it when they utilize it when it's not even necessary. For example, that scene in the first spider-man where those guys are robbing an armored truck. The fight sequence takes place entirely on the ground, yet they used a really fake-looking cgi spider-man. He wasn't swinging through the city or anything, just kicking and punching. Wouldn't a stuntman have sufficed and been more convincing?
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