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Re: LGBT Characters in Trek (Help and no flames Please)

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Krell (or so I'm told) from
"Kobayashi Maru" by Andy Mangels & Michael A. Martin

Thanks for the help Chemahkuu I already had them listed, but it's nice to have it confirmed! can you tell me if Krell's husband had a name?
Admiral Krell's husband was Kon’Jef, based on a very large costumer friend of mine named Jeff Cone.

The exact line in which he outs himself is in this passage:

“If you harm Krell any further,” she snarled, “you will not see another sunrise, DenobuluSngan.” She spat out the Klingon name for his race as though it were a curse.
As she moved away from him, Phlox stepped in to examine the work already being done by Kon’Jef and the other Klingon medic. The work seemed to be competent — at least so far — but Phlox feared it would leave Krell with only partial use of his hand.
“Please allow me to assure you and the admiral’s. . . wife, that I will do everything in my power to help him.”
Kon’Jef glared at him with hard, steel-gray eyes. “She’s his sister. I am his husband. And I will make certain you do nothing wrong.”
Being a Denobulan with three wives, each of whom had three spouses of her own, Phlox had no reason to find Krell’s family arrangement in any way unusual. Nodding, he reached for a microscalpel that lay on a nearby tray. “Do you have a pair of fiber-enhancers and some brighter surgical lights?” he asked the other two medical personnel. “I’d like to make certain that Admiral Krell regains full use of his arm.”
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