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Re: Excelsior Technical Manual - Revived!

...from pages 108-109 in the novelization of ST3.

"Sulu smiled to himself, refusing to be baited by the conversation. Behind his calm facade he glowed with pride. Excelsior was his ship, the ship he had worked so hard and waited so long to command. He knew its lines by heart. He had had considerable say in its design. He was so proud of the ship that even Mr. Scott's criticisms could not get very far under his skin.

...from page 203.

When Captain Styles' call for a tow came through from Excelsior, Uhura intercepted and damped it, feeling considerable satisfaction. Take over Hikaru's ship, will you? she thought. You can just sit there and stew for awhile.

Er...was this proper protocol, to quote the book like this without Vonda McIntyre's express permission?

(sets phasers to stun and awaits the arrival of a pack of lawyers...)
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