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Re: LGBT Characters in Trek (Help and no flames Please)

captcalhoun wrote: View Post
Ranul Keru is a gay Trill.

Kent Norel in Titan is IIRC, gay too. (human)

there was a lesbian in a TNG novel called 'The Best and the Brightest'. the first one.

T'Prynn in Vanguard is a lesbian Vulcan

there's a pair of gay Klingons mentioned in IKS Gorkon. one's more accurately bisexual since he's married. (gay affair)
I had Kenneth Norellis, the lesbian characters from 'The Best and the Brightest' (trill Moll Enor & human Jayme Miranda), T'Prynn (and Mirror T'Prynn from David Mack's "The Sorrows of Empire" - hottest scene ever).

I didn't have the gay Klingons from IKS; what book are they in? Do you remember?

Thank you captcalhoun!

captcalhoun wrote: View Post
oh, and a gay Vulcan appeared in New Frontier.
If you mean Selar's brother Slon, I have him too. And I believe he referenced his former partner Sotok - I made a note of that one.

The New Frontier series is extremely inclusive. One of the things I love about it is that the characters are often not assumed to be straight. Peter David gets it. And I appreciate it.

David R. George III wrote: View Post
Happy to help, Jason. By the way, I just edited my original message in this thread, as I remembered another LGBT relationship.
Thanks for letting me know; I might have missed out on the update. I was aware of Krissten Richter & Etana Kol from the DS9 Relaunch (though I couldn't remember what novels they appeared in) but I was under the impression that they had been introduced in a comic book? Or perhaps they were introduced in the comics and then you brought them together? I'll have to research them more. I've not actually seen the comics in question, I just have some scribbled notes about them. Thanks again for the info.

Concerning the Titan character Bowan Radowski, was it just me or was it implied that Radowski was interested in Keru? I remember reading something about a look between them but it has yet to be followed up on. And actually, I don't think the character has appeared since the first 2 Titan novels, though I could be wrong.

Maybe I should post the LGBT characters I already have? I'll try to organize a post for that.
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