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LGBT Characters in Trek (Help and no flames Please)

So, I'm working on a section of my website devoted to Star Trek, which I need some help with. In particular I want a page that lists all the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered) inclusive characters and references in Trek Lit (or the games and comics, though I'm not as big into those as the others). I already have quite a few, but I'm pushing for a really complete site - and I've not read all of the Trek books, and I know there are examples in books that I've already read in the past that I didn't take the time to make note of. If anyone could help by letting me know about such characters and references and where they take place (just point me in the right direction), that would be most helpful.

I was thinking it might also be nice to have a list of OUT (of the closet) LGBT Trek authors, writers, producers actors and such. Links of interest. And maybe a list of actors that have appeared on Trek who've also played LGBT roles. That kind of thing. I already have some lists for that kind of thing, but it's very emryonic. Again, any help here would be greatly appreciated.

I understand that some fans are not into this and if that applies to you this thread isn't meant to be offensive in any way. I'd appreciate it if you didn't flame me or protest this basic request. Just respect that I'm a Star Trek fan too and this is what I'm looking for. If you find this thread upsetting then please just leave it be, move on - and by all means, have a fantastic day.

Any help here would be very appreciated!

Also, a BIG thank you to all those writers, authors, and anyone involved in Trek in general who pushed for LGBT inclusion in TREK of any kind, whether it be a reference, a character, or the hiring of a LGBT actor or producer - all of this helps. I'm grateful for all of this, and I know a great many other fans are as well!

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