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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Personally, I just base who I want to see go down on how they behaved against us in our games against them.

Stoke - Time wasting dirty thugs who can only score goals by taking throw ins as if they were corners. I really would like to know why they are allowed to take so long to take a throw in.

Blackburn - El Hadji Diouf's "tackle" on Manuel Almunia and Morten Gamst Pedersen's hideous penalty area dive = bye bye for me.

Bolton - Does anyone other than Kevin Davies even score for them anymore ?

West Brom - Played good attacking football against us in both games and gave us a run for our money. Barely any bookings either. This may be unrealistic, but I hope they stay up or, at least, they don't sack Tony Mobray if they go down.

Middlesbrough - I know Gareth Southgate used to be a center half but seriously, come out of your box occasionally Boro!

Newcastle - Sentimentality will get you nowhere in this game and eventually, defensive thuggery catches up with you. Bye.

Portsmouth - You can see that they're trying to play football properly. Hopefully they'll stay up.

Sunderland - I'm not sure how much longer the team of Championship players Roy Keane has strung together and Ricky Spragia has inherited can hold out.

And finally, my favourites - Hull. Fuck off back to the Championship you dirty, time wasting, cheating, moaning, lying miserable bunch of fuckers.
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