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Anybody reading Star Trek: Crew (SPOILERS)

Written and drawn by John Byrne, the mini-series features an interesting take on a pre-TOS Federation as seen through the eyes of Pike's future exec Number One (and still has no name ). The comic is in fact dedicated to Majel Barret-Roddenberry memory which was thoughtful.

Byrne really went all-out in giving the book a pre-TOS feel, from the uniforms as seen in the TOS pilot to mentions of time-warp as opposed to just warp speed.

One big flaw in the first issue features a Constitution class prototype (circa the 2240's as the ship is brand new, complete with NX designations, which is revealed later to be christened as the Enterprise at a later date) being rescued... by the Constitution, which makes little sense to me.

The second issue features an alien marauder that looks very much like a Ferengi vessel that of course never gets identified .

All-in-all, it has a cool retro feel to it and features for the first time some back story on Number One.

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