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Re: Lost 5x11: "Whatever Happened, Happened"

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This episode was filler. Entertaining filler, but filler nonetheless.
Filler? We find out why Ben is the way he is, clear up what happened to Aron, actually move Kate's character in an interesting direction and give her an actual purpose and resolve an important character point from last season's finale and you call that filler?

Definitely a high Above Average on the Lost scale, but if it was the "Everything else" scale, it would be Excellent.
An important character point? What a big twist giving Aaron to his grandmother was! Who didn't see that one coming? Anyone?

Ok...who didn't see Ben getting saved by The Others? *crickets*

This episode was so obvious it was boring. I did however like the time travel discussion between Hurley and Miles and we got some good character stuff for Kate (although she is still as dumb as ever).
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