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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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If it makes you feel better, the DS9 TM mentions it a bit, and talks about how the Starfleet Corps of Engineers stationed on the station used in-depth molecular scans from when Starfleet first took over the station to replicate and rebuild an astonishingly nearly-perfect pylon replacement which matched the original one almost completely, and mentions them cutting down and preparing the damaged pylon 'root' and rebuilding it within a relatively short time, all of it a quite impressive engineering feat.
While this may have been possible (and it is what we have to accept because it seems to be exactly what happened), I don't understand why they rebuilt it exactly like the original. DS9 was built upon 40 year-old Cardassian technology, it would have been nice if they decided to rebuild the new pylon as a more advanced and efficient Starfleet pylon. It would have added character to the station.

Innocence (*)

Tuvok is involved in a crash in the jungle, he struggles to try and escape while mysterious strangers try to stop him, and there is a monster. It's LOST... In Space!

The problem with this episode is that everybody acts stupid, nobody talks to one another or bothers explaining what is going on until after there has been a lot of needless confrontation. It really is like an episode of Lost without the charm. It ends with a long scene of exposition where everything is explained and suddenly everyone is friends and all is forgiven. Basically, the whole plot is pretty pointless.

It's not bad, there is some good characterisation for Tuvok and that prevents the episode from being a complete dud. I don't really have much else to say about this episode.

Minus one star because Voyager is miraculously back to normal after nearly being destroyed in the last episode.

PS Is anyone else curious as to how one would give birth to a fully grown 80-year-old person?
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