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Re: I liked the Borg more before the Borg Queen and Q before Voyager.

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I agree that the Destiny tril did not invent queen-as-enslaver. It does reinforce it with the backstory of who she is/was, which I shall not "spoiler" in this space. My point was just that one of the posters seemed to be implying that a queen was necessarily an enslaver for a collective, and that need not be, as other posters have pointed out.
Well, it didn't need to be the case before her appearances in VOY, but her depiction in those necessitates it now.

I kind of like the original Borg. Pursuing perfection, "helping" you attain it along with them. Sort of like the US pursuing global free trade and capitalism, and helping nations see the light and become like us. I jest. Be well!
I do, too, and I always thought that the Queen undermined the scariness of the original depiction of the Collective. Destiny is really the first time since the introduction of the Queen that I found the Borg genuinely scary again
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