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Klingon and Mandalorian Comparison

So I was reading a section of Karen Traviss' Star Wars: Republic Commando series (highly recommend this read, by the way) and in the various segments that talk of Mandalorian culture, sense of warrior pride and identity I was reminded of the Klingons.

First of all the Mandalorian sense of warrior values and martial virtues. When the Mandalorian mercenary Kal Skirata was teaching the Republic Commandoes the purpose of the Mando soul and that of a warrior brotherhood I was reminded of Klingon warrior values.

Also Mandalorians that I've read of seem to have an honor code of some variety.

There are differences I've notice, obviously. First off, Mandalorians are nomadic and accepting of outsiders into their society where Klingons have a home world and empire and tend to be rather xenophobic (if Sirella's treatment of Jadzia and Quark's treatment by Grilka's attendant guard are any indication). Second of all, Mandalorians are far more practical in terms of their fighting gadgets everything from blades to blasters and what not is used with personal preferences factored in whereas Klingons tend to prefer to use the bat'leths or other blades.

Anyone ever notice these similarities between Mandalorians and Klingons?
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