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Re: I liked the Borg more before the Borg Queen and Q before Voyager.

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So the Borg has to be shown as evil with a dominator, as the queen evolved into, especially in the recent Destiny fiction trilogy. GR didn't see a next, collective step as a necessarily bad thing; see my previous post.


Again with the slave idea. My neurons are not slaves to my mind. They ARE it. She is the voice or executive function OF the mind. She is of it, not ruling it. (At least that's how she SHOULD be in a perfect world. In the recent books, she IS definitely an enslaver.)
I'd like to point out a few things here:

1. Destiny and its immediate predecessors, Great Than the Sum and Before Dishonor, established that when a person is assimilated, his or her mind is altered by the Borg to become a supporter of the Collective, agreeing with its goals and objectives and willingly sublimating the self to the whole -- even while a smaller, isolated part of your mind remains intact. (The mind control occurs after a horrific psychic attack on the individual mind in which all of your memories are corrupted -- your favorite uncle molested you, your first love tried to murder you -- to prevent you from being able to retreat to a safe mental place while you're being assimilated.) In other words, they did what they could to save the communalist aspect that the canon, especially under Braga, had largely disregarded, and to reconcile the apparently contradictory depictions of the Collective pre- and post-Queen creation.

2. While you may not like the idea of Queen-as-enslaver, it's important to keep in mind that that's not an idea that originated in the novels. The Queen was depicted as directly controlling the drones, and the drones as being her slaves, throughout her appearances on Star Trek: Voyager. It might have been nice if the Queen had been depicted more as an embodiment of the Collective than a controller/slave mistress, but that's how VOY, especially "Unimatrix Zero" and "Endgame," depicted her. The novels are obligated to be consistent with the canon.

3. For my money, the Big Secret about the Collective that Mack reveals goes a long way towards rehabilitating the idea of Queen-as-enslaver, giving new depth to what had been, frankly, a comic book supervillian-type paradigm on VOY.
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