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Re: Lost 5x11: "Whatever Happened, Happened"

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The Kate/Aaron stuff made no sense in the context of Kate's scene with Jack in "316". If it was as simple as Kate deciding that she had to leave Aaron with Claire's mother, while she goes to search for Claire, why didn't she just tell Jack that? Why doesn't she tell everyone that? Why say "Don't ever ask me about Aaron again", which surely must freak Jack out? Doesn't Jack deserve to know that Aaron is OK?

I think the writers are too in love with the idea of turning everything into a mystery, even when doing so is uncalled for, and defies all logic.
316 annoyed me because it was so obvious that they were just purposely setting up these mini-mysteries of how everyone ended up on the Ajira 316 flight to fill up time in next 5 episodes or whatever, and none of them are proving to be particularly interesting. The only one I'm sure any of us really care about is why Ben is bloodied and beaten up at the marina, did he try to and succeed in killing Penny?

And yeah, I agree with you about Jack. They looked like they were just going to have sex, but seriously, Jack lived with Aaron for a couple of years, right? He knows Aaron is his blood relative. I wanted him to stop Kate from kissing him and just say "No wait, seriously, what happened to the kid?" It just reeked of setting up some little thing we'd learn about a few episodes down the line, and then when we finally do find out it was just so....meh and makes you kind of think less of the characters involved. Like seriously, that's the big deal?
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